Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not-for-Profit Fraud Surveys

In 2005, I realised that there was very little data on the extent of fraud in the not-for-profit sector. For that reason, I wanted to conduct research into the sector to determine just how prevelant fraud was. The result of this was the BDO Not-for-Profit Fraud Survey 2006. The survey was done in conjunction with Not-for-Profit Network and Queensland University of Technology. In 2008, the second BDO Not-for-Profit Fraud Survey was released, in conjunction with Not-for-Profit Network, Queensland University of Queensland and a new partner in the University of Southern Queensland.
The surveys provide information on the amount of fraud occurring in not-for-profit organisations in Australia and New Zealand and how important not-for-profits consider fraud prevention to be. To enable the research to be ongoing, it is intended for this research to be conducted every two years with the aim of expanding the research beyond Australia and New Zealand.
To download the fraud surveys, please follow the links below:

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