Sunday, October 4, 2009

Resume Fraud – Is It Real?

A great article on “Resume Fraud: The Top 10 Lies” by Christopher T Marguet, CEO, Marquet International Ltd and Lisa JB Peterson listed the top ten to be:

  1. Stretching Dates of Employment
  2. Inflating Past Accomplishments & Skills
  3. Enhancing Job Titles & Responsibilities
  4. Education Exaggeration & Fabricating Degrees
  5. Unexplained Gaps & Periods of “Self Employment”
  6. Omitting Past Employment
  7. Faking Credentials
  8. Fabricating Reasons for Leaving Previous Jobs
  9. Providing Fraudulent References
  10. Misrepresenting Military Record

Falsifying a resume can cost an organisation significant sums if the employee does not have the skills to undertake the role appropriately or the information omitted related to previous fraud matters.

For more on the article by Marquet International Ltd, please click here.

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