Sunday, November 15, 2009

Using Imprest Accounts

If you operate at a number of different locations or have a number of branches, the use of imprest accounts may be a good solution.

An imprest account is used on the following basis:
  • A set bank account balance (set depending on the spending requirements of the location / branch and on the regularity of the reimbursement (eg. weekly, monthly));
  • Deposits are made to the organisations general account and not the imprest account;
  • A reconciliation of the imprest account is conducted when a reimbursement is required;
  • Signatories to the imprest account are usually people located at the location / branch for ease of use of the account.

The use of an imprest account reduces the risk of fraud as it reduces the possible spending people at the location / branch can undertake.

The imprest account system allows locations / branches to have some autonomy while still being restricted in the amount they can spend and still providing regular support for the expenditure they undertake.

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